Manufactured by Ace Alloy Metals under the ownership of Kanei USA, Ace Alloy Wheels are of the highest style and performance among one-piece alloy wheels in the market. Having ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certifications, these wheels are preferred by those who own BMW A6 as these are not just famous for being durable, these are also high-performing and innovative. Many wheels in this brand are even designed to fit specific models. These wheels are styled to fit sporty sedans, luxury SUVs, high-end sedans, and so on. Ace Alloy wheel are tailored and fit to be the best for your car or truck. Having a wide selection of styles, finishes and dimensions, one can’t feel limited by rules, however. At Online Wheels Direct, the choice is up to you and buying decisions are easy to come by as the wheel packages are low and affordably priced.

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