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Road Hazard Program: Buy tires from our online store or as part of our wheel and tire packages and insure them from damages.

As a complete source for wheels for sale, custom rims, dubs, and other wheel and tire packages, Online Wheels Direct follows through on excellent customer service with our Road Hazard Program. The system provides added security when you buy tires from our online store as it offers reimbursement for tire repair and replacement in the event of damage by certain types of road hazards.

While we support tire manufacturer warranties for all brands of wheels and tires that we sell, those warranties apply only when a product becomes damaged for causes within the manufacturer’s control. Such causes cover faulty material or error in workmanship. For road hazards like potholes, nails, puncture damage during the course of normal driving on a maintained road, drivers need additional security. This is where Online Wheels Direct’s Road Hazard Program comes in.

For more information on Online Wheels Direct’s Road Hazard Program, terms, exclusions, and limitations, contact us or view the Program Certificate.

Online Wheels Direct’s Road Hazard Program offers reimbursement for expenses incurred on tire repairs and replacement when they are damaged by reason of certain road hazards like nails, glass, and potholes. Among the features include:

  • Coverage for 36 months from date of purchase or until 2/32” or less of tread remains, whichever comes first.
  • Repair reimbursement up to $25 per tire, per occurrence.
  • 100% reimbursement of the original price of the tire covered during the first 12 months, subject to terms and conditions in the Program Certificate.
  • Prorated reimbursement based on elapsed time after the first 12 months not exceeding 36 months.

Tires Excluded from Coverage:

  • Competition/ racing tires
  • LT Metric sized tires
  • LT Flotation sized tires
  • Trailer tires

Vehicles Excluded from Coverage:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Vehicles used for hire, commercial use, towing, construction, or postal service.
  • Vehicles used for farm, ranch, agriculture, or off-road use.

Area of Coverage:

  • Available to customers living in the 48 contiguous States. Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, APO/FPO, Canada and Mexico are currently excluded.
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