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Online Wheels Direct is known as an online wheels store that features the best of tire you could find in the market, including Toyo Tires. Toyo Tires is part of the successful stories of tire manufacturing companies in line with other huge corporate worldwide. Our online store comes with different features to help its consumers find the best deals in the online market. The company contributed to the tire industry for more than 60 years already, and it still keep its word on its commitment to provide the market with a consistent innovating auto tire.

The founder, Rikimatsu Tomihisa started its journey at Japan in 1945, as Toyo Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd. The brand was once acknowledged as this was voted as number 1 in the US by most American Dealers through a Tire Brand Review of a known magazine. If you are looking for tires good for your sports car or even passenger cars, name it and they surely have something that would give a fit. Open Country M/T is an off-road tire best for light trucks and SUVs. Its compact with materials known for its durability which would give a long tread life for better performance of your ride.

Gear up and with few clicks away, check lines of Toyo Tires here in our online store and you’ll surely be satisifed.