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Wheel & Tire Technical Information: Find important care and installation details about wheels for sale, tires, custom rims and more.

From installation to care and proper use, Online Wheels Direct presents you with crucial information you may need for the optimum performance of your wheel and tire packages and custom rims.

Center bore & Hub-centric Rings

The center bore refers to the element that centers the wheel on the hub of the car. Most wheels for sale often have large center bore that enables them to fit in different type of vehicles. However, instances occur when there is a vibration problem and this is where hub-centric rings come in. Aptly called, these rings are hard plastic rings pieces that link the wheel more effectively to the vehicle, making the wheels “hub centric”. Without these rings, vibration is still a possible occurrence, even if the wheel and tire packages you bought are completely balanced for your vehicle.

Wheel Offset

The wheel offset refers to the distance between the hub mounting surface and the centerline of the wheel. There are three types of offsets: positive, zero, and negative. A Positive Offset means the mounting surface of the wheel is positioned in front of the true centerline of the wheel. Most factory rims and only some custom rims have this type of offset. A Zero Offset is when the hub mounting surface is centered within the rim. And lastly, a Negative Offset is when the surface is on the brake side of the center line of the rim.

Wheel Fitment

When you order chrome rims or any wheels for sale at Online Wheels Direct, we make sure your purchase fits your vehicle perfectly. This means ensuring wheel specifications are found compatible with any car, truck, or SUV you drive. If you have upgraded automotive parts, like brakes or suspensions, simply contact us before you order online.

Plus Sizing

Plus sizing your wheel and tire packages is intended to enhance your vehicle’s performance and looks by allowing the fitting of larger diameter custom rims to lower profile tires. Despite these changes, overall tire diameter must be kept within 3% of the original equipment. Otherwise, fitting and other problems may occur.
These are simply examples and do not represent all of the possible combinations which could achieve the same result. For an R16 tire, 205/60, 225/55, 245/50 and 275/45 width/aspect ratio tires have essentially the same diameter.

  • It is important to remember that actual dimensions of tires in the same size might differ slightly depending on tire brand, model, etc.

Wheel Care

Always keep your wheels clean, whether they be black wheels or chrome rims. Do not let dirt or dust sit too long on your wheels as this may destroy its finish. Instead of using steam cleaners or automatic car washers that damage the wheels, use mild soap and clean one wheel at a time. Avoid letting the soap sit too long and rinse immediately. Clean only when the wheels have cooled down from a drive. After washing, apply a light coat of wheel wax for added protection.


When installing wheels or custom rims on your vehicle, it goes without saying that you should always use a torque wrench for proper installation. Torque the lugs properly. Avoid overdoing it as an over-torqued wheel can lead to problems, like brake issues and lugs breaking. It’s advisable to torque your wheels by hand. Specifications as to the optimal torque for your vehicle should be in your owner’s manual. It is important to re-torque your wheels after your first 50-mile drive.

Speed Ratings

The Speed rating indicates the maximum speed capability of any given tire. These ratings are usually used by sports car owners and drivers to find replacement tires that match the speed rating of their vehicle. The speed rating of any tire provides the top safe speed a tire can carry under certain conditions. A higher-rated tire will likely give you better traction and improved steering response when you drive.

Tire Pressure

Tire performance rests on the right amount of tire inflation. Because of constant exposure to changing climate, regular air loss, and effects of the drive, tire pressure can change and vary. Maintain the proper inflation by having your tires checked every now and then. Otherwise, under inflation and over inflation can easily cause problems when you drive. Avoid inflating to the maximum PSI (see owner’s manual), as it can also cause serious damage to the tire.

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS) is a tire information system that provides buyers with information on treadwear, traction, and temperature. Each tire manufacturer typically performs its own tests in these areas, complying with government prescribed procedures. The respective grades, known as the Uniform Tire Quality Grade Labeling (UTQGL), are then assigned and are branded on the tire.

Noise and Vibration Problems

Are you experiencing some vibration problems or hearing unexpected noise as you drive. These could be a sign of the following concerns you need to attend to. Such matters include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • The wheels and tires are out of balance
  • No hub centric rings
  • Incorrect hardware used on custom rims
  • Irregular tire wear
  • Rim is damaged
  • Tire is damaged
When this occurs, see an automotive specialist as soon as possible.

Mounting and Balancing

With Online Wheels Direct, you would not have any problems when it comes to mounting and balancing all wheel and tire packages purchased through the website. We utilize the most innovative tools and equipment like the Hunter’s TC3500 tire changer to insure appropriate mounting. We conduct a road force test on custom rims and balance your wheels with Hunter’s GSP98700.

For more assistance on Online Wheels Directs’ custom rims, and wheels for sale, contact our technicians today.

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