Size: 5.70/00R8

Part Number: 424371

Performance: Trailer

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The Carlisle Sport Trail is a trailer tire specially designed for drivers looking for durability and stability. Ideal for utility trailers, horse and stock trailers, boat trailers, cargo trailers and most specialty trailers, the Carlisle Sport Trail will take you where you need to go without any interruptions. The wraparound tread delivers precise cornering allowing you to steer at even the most challenging roads while maintaining safety. It was specially made to be durable which means was designed to be resistant against harsh conditions. Its bias construction rather than radial, makes it the perfect tire to use for long-term use. Extending its treadlife are the rugged sidewalls which are resistant to puncture and bruise. Providing you traction during rainy water are the optimally designed treads which drains water efficiently to prevent slippage. To add appeal to your trailer is the black sidewall give the Carlisle Sport Trail a classic look. This tire is bias belted which means it can be driven at highway speeds.