Road Hazard Program

Road Hazard Damage is a condition when the tire got damaged and malfunction due to puncture, bruise, or brake impact. The common culprits of road hazard damage are broken glass, potholes, and nails. Although this is a common hazard condition, road hazard damages are not covered under manufacturers’ warranties. This is the reason why Tire Road Hazard Protection is a must for the customers even there are a lot of cheap wheels online.

You can reimburse the cost of the tire repair or replacement under the following conditions:

  • Tires within the first 24 months from the date of purchase or up to 2/32” are covered under the Tire Road Hazard Protection.

  • Maximum repair reimbursement is up to $25 per tire per incidence.

  • You will receive the 100% of the original cost of the tire covered by the protection during the first 24 month period. However, this is subject to the confines set forth in the Protection Certificate.

  • The Tire Road Hazard Protection does not cover the following tires:

    • LT Metric-sized tires

    • LT Flotation-sized tires

    • Competition Tires

    • Trailer Tires

  • The Tire Road Hazard Protection does not cover the following vehicles:

    • Tire Road Hazard Protection is limited to customers living in the U.S.

    • APO/ FPO, U.S territories, Canada, and Mexico are not
      covered by this protection.

    • All emergency service vehicle

    • All commercial towing, construction, postal service hired

    • All ranch, agriculture, farm, and off-road vehicles.

  • Other information and restrictions are indicated in the Protection Certificate.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Get a Tire Road Hazard Protection.