CS5 Grand Touring

All Season Touring Passenger

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Welcome to the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring, the perfect all-season tire for the driver who wants a great combination of performance and durability. Our tire offers the ideal combination of features and benefits to keep you driving in comfort all year round.The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire has four wide circumferential grooves and an innovative Wear Square® visual wear indicator, so you don't have to guess when it's time for new treads. Coupled tread elements and 3D Micro-Gauge„¢ sipping provide excellent stability and grip on the road for precise handling - even in wet weather - while the M+S rating ensures safe driving in virtually any climate.The best part is, you have peace of mind knowing your tire is protected by tailer-made warranties, including an 80,000 mile or 130,000 km treadwear protection warranty and a premium limited warranty. Plus, you can take your tire for a free 45-day road test - get in your car and experience the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring for yourself!The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is the perfect tire for any driver who wants a durable and dependable ride that's built for on- and off-road performance. With the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring, you get the power and precision you need to stay in control all year round.