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All Season Rugged Terrain SUV

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Welcome to the COOPER DISCOVERER RUGGED TREK, the light truck/SUV mud-terrain tire designed to provide you with the ultimate off-roading experience. With dual off-road sidewalls, a feature of Earth Diggers„¢ Technology with large shoulder scoops and lugs, and Jutting ridges specifically designed to expel lodged stones, you don't have to worry about encountering an obstacle you can't surpass. Plus, you get maximum control and traction on roads and rough surfaces with Stable Trac„¢ Technology and Whisper Grooves„¢ Technology sound barrier walls.You can count on the COOPER DISCOVERER RUGGED TREK tires' performance in any terrain “ it's rated M+S for Mud and Snow. You also have the reassurance an industry-leading free 45-Day Test Drive and a 60,000 or 55,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (Non-LT or LT sizes). Finally, with enhanced traction on dirt, sand and mud, as well as protection against damage from sharp rocks, the COOPER DISCOVERER RUGGED TREK is the tire of choice for the adventurer who loves a little off-road action. Try it now and drive with total confidence.