Discoverer Snow Claw

Winter Winter Studdable Light Truck/SUV

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Welcome to the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw, the ultimate studdable winter tire for your light truck or SUV. With its patented Snow-Groove„¢ Technology and winter-grip tread compound, this tire is designed to tackle even the harshest winter conditions.Featuring a large number of sipes across the tread face and extra claws engineered for additional studs, the Snow Claw delivers exceptional traction on snow-covered roads. It carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, indicating its superior performance in severe winter weather.Not only does the Snow Claw excel in snowy conditions, but it also stays supple and flexible in extreme cold. This allows the rubber to flex and bend, providing excellent grip on icy surfaces. With incredible stability and control on ice, you can confidently navigate slippery roads.Experience the difference for yourself with our Free 45-Day Test Drive. Trust Cooper to keep you safe and in control during winter drives. Choose the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw and conquer any winter road ahead.