Discoverer True North

Winter Winter Studless Passenger

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Welcome to the Cooper Discoverer True North Winter Tire, the ultimate companion for your car, minivan, or SUV during the frosty months. Designed with a multitude of features to conquer winter conditions, this tire ensures exceptional performance and peace of mind.Equipped with an outboard tread and inboard tread, it offers unparalleled slush and water evacuation, keeping you safe on wet and slippery roads. The noise dampening structures reduce tire/road interaction noise, providing a comfortable and quiet ride.Featuring Snow-Groove„¢ technology and a specialized tread compound, this tire traps snow for enhanced traction, handling, and stopping power. With high-density siping and the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, it guarantees optimal grip on icy surfaces.Experience the confidence that comes with the Cooper Discoverer True North. Take advantage of the free 45-Day Test Drive and enjoy its benefits firsthand. Backed by a Standard Limited Warranty, this tire combines affordability, quality, and reliability. Embrace winter with ease and choose the best for your vehicle.